Customer Feedback 100% Positive
-Beautiful Tool, worked perfect! Also, suprisingly quick delivery to CA, USA! capt42104
-This is a fantastic, well engineered and well thought out product. job done! rutterman66
-Perfect , amazing product ! 032705923
-Pieces look very well made, quick shipping ! 92_summer_special
-Awesome tool and super fast shipping across the pond! bsm250
-Excellent product - will last a lifetime. Very fast delivery too. myd3cash
-Fantastic tool. Thanks very much fastrotor1
-Awesome awesome AAA nzchevy396
-An awesome tool for KTM owners and the shipping was super fast. Thanks! trueweb
-Quick delivery, Nice piece of kit. Many Thanks A+++++++++++++++++++ kustlo82
-Everything Perfect. The tool works great. * * * * * thank you Richard * * * * * skatermeusi
-brilliant.......nice bit of toolbox bling julesgid
-A freakin awesome tool!! high quality and arrived quickly. griffktm.xh6s7vx
-very nice Tool. KTM Driver "must have it". Best Regards from Germany to UK juekr
-Excellent tool, flawless. So easy to install/extract +++++ mrrptr
-Tool worked perfectly, shipping was way faster than anticipated. bicycleracers
-One of the best tools I own! Highly recommended!!!! Thanks!!! robertsumner966
-Venditore Super!!! Veloce, preciso !!! 10+++ boxerhp
-bloody brilliant dashmatt13
-Sehr schnelle Lieferung, Ware top, sehr empfehlenswert !! exc-500

Hi Richard,

This is just a short email to thank you for your quick response and delivery of the swing arm bearing tool.

People are quick to complain when things do not go right but no-one seems to give praise when due.

I used it for the first time today and it worked just great - Simple and easy to use. It "did what it said on the tin".

Many thanks for producing a great product.

Best regards,

David Blencowe

Dear Richard,
Ordered the tool yesterday late on. A bit stiff on the money perhaps but I was suitably excited about getting it.
It arrived this morning. Great service and a really good looking piece of kit.
Used it this afternoon to extract seized and generally mongo'd swing arm bearings out of a 2011 KTM 250 SXF that my son is rebuilding over his summer holidays.
The job would have been an unholy pain in the butt had we not had your piece of kit. Some folks just don't deserve to be allowed near machines and tools. It's a sodding disgrace the way some of these clowns treat their kit and then palm it off on some other sucker.
I've been looking for an excuse to buy one of your toys for a while and it's justified the cost in an afternoon just on the extraction alone. I daresay it'll do the same on the install too. Bargain!
Thanks for the great product and keep up the good work. I'll put the word about for you.
Wayne Stansfield
Dear sir

Hello !
I have recently bought your PDS and SWINGARM tool , and used it .
As a big fan of tools i must say , this is one of the best tools i have ever used !!
high quality parts designed with such simplicity , makes the job go fast and right !

thank you ,
waiting for your next tool ! .



The tool arrived today and it was worth the wait as it's a very high quality item.I race with a lot of people and my brother that have KTM's so it will get plenty of use.
I know you shipped it out quick so thank you!

Mike C.

Just wanted to let you know that I've received the tool today and changed the pds in under ten minutes. Thank you!

Best regards,
Arrived, awesome quality, made easy work of the job ta.

Daniel Williams