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Made by R Morgan Precision Engineering
Morgan's Tool can extact and install both the PDS and Swingarm bearings on KTM and Husaberg enduro bikes. It was developed due to the demand to have a tool which could replace these bearings without the risk of damage associated with existing methods. There are several ways to attempt to replace the PDS and Swingarm bearings, but none have the safety and precision of using Morgan's Tool. Any attempt to hammer out a PDS bearing will usually result in damage to the bearing housing and it is common for the housing to shatter with excessive force.
It is common for the bearing housings to become scored when bearings are extracted using basic tools. Morgan's Tool includes two bearing drivers which fit inside the bearings and self align, therefore eliminating any risk of scoring the housings. During installation the drivers have a washer added which installs the bearings to the correct depth and eliminates the need for guess work. Both the PDS and Swingarm bearing seals are fragile and easily damaged. The tool uses the draw bar method combined with a large washer to draw the seals in to the correct depth.