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Will it fit my bike?
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Made by R Morgan Precision Engineering
Will it fit my bike?
Does your bike have a swingarm with a PDS bearing?
If yes, then the tool will fit both your PDS and all of the four variations of swingarm bearings used.
The tool does NOT work with linkage bearings that are normally found on SX bikes.
If you have a swingarm with linkage bearings, the tool will still be able to extract and install the swingarm bearings, but NOT the linkage bearings.
NOT for use on the linkage bearings found on SX/Motocross bikes.
When ordering new bearings from your dealer, always ask for the complete Swingarm or PDS bearing Kit. This will have all the seals, sleeves and bushes etc. Its worth buying a couple of extra seals, ( KTM part number: 0760253270) as these are cheap to buy but easily damaged if not installed correctly, don't say I didn't warn you.
Swingarm Bearings
Swingarm Bearings